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Basic Learning Course


Basic learning course is a one day experiential workshop where participants get a basic knowledge about Laughter Yoga and how it works as well as learn about the immeasurable benefits it provides for the body and mind.

You will experience a Laughter Yoga session and Laughter Meditation and discover how to get involved in Laughter Yoga and its different practices. You will also learn to laugh all by yourself and get some practical ideas on how to bring more laughter into your life!

This is a great option for businesses that want to brighten their work communities!

 2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training (CLYL)


This is a basic training on how to lead a laughter session for everybody; Laughter Yoga social clubs, corporate organizations, seniors, school children and people with special needs.

You will acquire the basic facilitation skills of how to lead a group of people through laughter session and meditation. You will also learn the history, concept, philosophy and different steps of Laughter Yoga and meditation.

These trainings are offered by Tammy and Jack, as certified laughter yoga teachers, for 2 days, at the end of which the participants are certified as Laughter Yoga Leaders through Laughter Yoga International/ University.  

Article from Yoga Journal after the author took a Laughter Yoga training with Dr. Kataria, MD

I can't help but feel a little ridiculous, laughing my way around a room full of strangers. As I gaze into each person's eyes, I try to figure out if they are really laughing or, like me, just faking it. I think I catch a knowing, are-we-really-doing-this? glance from one woman. But after a few minutes, many of my classmates seem to be genuinely laughing. One woman, Lucia Mejia, is practically rolling on the floor during some of the exercises, her body convulsed with laughter.

"I've never laughed like that," Mejia says later. A nurse from Southern California, she had impulsively signed up for the workshop after attending a lecture by Kataria the previous evening. "That night was a breakthrough, a life-transforming experience for me," she says. Mejia, who was traumatized as a child, says she had developed a defensive approach to the world. "People would ask me, 'Why are you so angry?' It was like I had a mask on. Laughter Yoga broke through my body's memories, to the point where my facial expressions changed."

Jeffrey Briar, a boyish-looking man with an infectious giggle, says Laughter Yoga changed his life, too. He became certified to teach it in 2005 and founded a club that now meets daily in Laguna Beach, California. Though he has taught yoga for 33 years and has been trained in Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Sivananda, and Integral Yoga, he says, "I've never been this enthusiastic about any technique."

"I can laugh myself out of stress in as little as 20 seconds," he says, and then demonstrates with an uproarious cackle.

In addition to leading and attending daily Laughter Yoga sessions, Briar says he uses the techniques throughout the day to relieve tension. If he's sitting in traffic or feeling upset, he'll laugh. "I can laugh myself out of stress in as little as 20 seconds," he says, and then demonstrates with an uproarious cackle.

In my two days of Laughter Yoga sessions, I never quite reach the point where my laughter "flows like a fountain from deep within," as Kataria promised the first day. But I do get quite a workout. By the end of the second day, my belly aches from my exertions.

A few weeks after the training I'm in my car, driving my 12-year-old son, Dashiell, home from fencing class. It's been a stressful day of deadlines, traffic jams, and nearly missed appointments, and when he says something annoying I'm tempted to snap at him. Instead, I throw my head back and let out a big laugh that reverberates deep in my belly.

"Laughter Yoga?" he asks with a smile. I nod my head and shoot him a big grin.

(from Yoga Journal article by Rachele Kanigel, updated Sept. 2018)


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What is small group Laughter Yoga Coaching?

LY coaching is a commitment and partnership between the coach and students where the coach supports and inspires the students to implement knowledge, skills, and experience into their personal environments. It opens participants to receive multiple health benefits and to become a part of the worldwide Laughter Yoga community, whose endeavor is to expand world peace!

This format includes one group session every week for eight weeks interspersed with a person’s own practice, and availability of a coach. This option enables people to learn Laughter Yoga exercises in a small group setting (3-6 people) from a certified laughter professional. 

This is a great way for those who want to learn Laughter Yoga for personal development and to bring more laughter into their lives.

Who can do these courses?

ANYONE! Laughter Yoga adds value to the following professionals...

Alternative Therapist and Healers, Recreation Activity facilitators,Yoga fitness trainers and sports coaches, Occupational Therapists & Health care professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapists,Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Health Care Workers, Professional Speakers, HR and management training professionals, School Teachers, Psychologists and psychiatrists, Entertainment professionals, Actors & Singers, Clowns and Comedians, Senior care workers, Marriage and family therapists, Life coaches and alternative therapists, Sales managers, Tourism professionals & tour guides,

and ANYONE who wants to add laughter and joy to their life.


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