Playshops for the Soul

Play Time: Recess in the Workplace

Does your staff need...
to make more light-hearted connections to enhance their communication?
 a sense of fun in their collaborative environment?
A boost to their energy?
 engagement that supports their well-being?
or maybe just some good ole' recess and playtime?

Play has been something that has been of great value to all of us since we started “work” in our earliest school years...we need play time to balance out our days. 

You can read this as, time to breathe and release tension that can build up from prolonged periods of time focusing on work. Well, we can bring that to you, or if you want a break from the workplace, we can meet you somewhere else too!

Whatever the case, we bring fun and play through music making and laughter and movement, as well as rest and relaxation time. Think kindergarten, with an adult twist.  After all, recess is serious business too!

See our blog posts and research page to learn more about how all of this offers important benefits to our individual and collective health too, as we just have fun!

And, we all know that when we feel better we live better.

Examples of Playshops

Thriving Wellness through Joy

Living in joy. What’s that about? Choices!

Living in joy is something we choose. And when we know we can choose how we orchestrate our life, then we are empowered, we are thriving and living our lives through our own individual conscious actions.

When we live in awareness of the choices we are making, and we choose the desires that enhance our lives, then we participate in our lives and the world more joyously! We can feel the power of joy affecting us and life around us, and that feeling is energizing.

There are various versions of this playshop that will enliven individuals and inspire groups to participate together in ways that feel harmonious and uplifting!

Loving Life...Appreciation and Gratitude

Listening and having a positive outlook are keys to finding appreciation and gratitude in life.

When we are tuned into life in positive ways, we can then see more clearly the path of harmony. And when we are living in harmony, we have an appreciation for ourselves and one another that leads to coming together in cooperative ways.

Then, we open to being limitless in what we can create, and each person can find what it is that lights them up. When we live from what lights us up from the inside, it is amazing what gets shared in the outside world!

So harmony and gratitude are the name of the game in this playshop!

Weaving Play into Responsibilities

Do you realize that “responsibility” can be seen as “able to respond”? So, what happens if we weave playfulness and light- heartedness into our daily ways we respond?

This playshop creates a place where everyone can play with the experience of doing just that, responding with levity!

How often do we bring tension into situations and then feel stressed out about what we are creating, when we can choose to inject light-heartedness into our response and change the situation into something that leaves us uplifted?

And you know that uplifting energy can be contagious, so why not create a positive epidemic rather than dis-ease!

...and MORE!

There are many more themes, through which to create playshops!

We encourage you to meet with us to design a wellness program that you want to enhance your workplace and groups.

We then co-create a playshop that supports and weaves your visions through it, in uplifting ways!

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