Being Light, Living Joy-Full

My heart sings and my Soul thrives when I AM centered, grounded, and uplifted

We are now sharing enLIGHT10 community space at ReikiSpace and Learning Place in Harrisburg, PA

I will be bringing a variety of experiences for individuals and groups every month to explore self and each other through inner connection, creativity, play, awareness, and relaxation…aka Peace and Joy 

WHEN...the first Thursday of every month 

What a joy to have the opportunity to share and be with you in ReikiSpace & Learning Place!

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION -Balance from the Inside Out

Can be… explorative conversation, yoga, Reiki/Energy flow, Soul Speaking art/journaling, meditation

(Specific or any combination of these for the intent and purpose of strengthening one’s inner connection and relationship with Soul/Spirit/Higher Self)


Session(s) for exploring and intending one’s desires towards co-creating Life that enhances and uplifts self and All for thriving.  This will include discerning and choosing how the person envisions moving forward thriving in Life i.e. work, care, play, relationships and so much more.

other possibilities...

These will be a one time or monthly groups intended for brightening and empowering our Life in healthy and relaxing ways, such as:
“Life of Joy” – monthly group meet up supporting one another to live with Joy. 
“Light for the Soul” – 1 hour meditation that may revolve around music, voice, breathing, free  movement, laughter
"Humming for Health" - self generated internal sounds for bodily vibration that boost the immune system.
and more... 

Watch our calendar for specific monthly groups

Further details...

Spiritual Connection and Dream Weavers sessions are offered by Tammy Bray on a 1:1 basis or for small groups of 3-5 participants.

These groups can be formed via me, or feel free to contact me if you already have an interested group.

Contact me today to book your session to nourish your Soul.

1:1 sessions:  $80/hour, $120/90 minutes
Group sessions (3 – 5 participants):  $45/person/hour,  $55/person/90 minutes
(arrangements for payment can be made through Paypal or cash/check at time of service)

Some of my experiences over time that contribute to what I am offering are M.S. in Counseling (20 years in MH/Family and Child services), Usui Reiki Master practitioner/teacher, 200 hour CYT training (Yoga for everyone, taught and rooted in Kundalini and Hatha yoga traditions), Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher training, Voice Medicine training with Chloe Goodchild, Sound Healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman…and just a true love of exploring Life.

One time and monthly groups at ReikiSpace enLIGHT10 may be offered by Tammy and/or Jack Bray.

Check out our events page NOW to see what is being offered for this month!

If you have a group interested in a particular topic, please contact us to schedule.

(arrangements for payment can be made through Paypal or cash/check at time of service)

Contact to schedule now or 717-699-4965