Jack and Tammy Bray

We started Joyful ViBRAYtions to lead us in recovery from serious training, and continue to bring more fun into our lives. We are following our bliss!

We do what we do for the the fun of it! It’s legal, no prescriptions necessary, and there are lots of positive side effects.

We started with some trainings, read some books, bought A LOT of drums and a van, and started inviting people to play.

Add uplifting energy, release the perfection and stir, and you have the recipe for Joy Vybes.

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Through our experiences thus far in this lifetime, we find ourselves yearning to continue increasing the presence of joy in our lives, and we are recognizing that yearn in others. The question has been “how do we ‘get’ to that place of joy where we feel unified, in harmony, free and at peace, so we can live our daily lives flowing from there?”

Well, we’ve learned that “there” is no place to “get to”, as it all already exists in our here and now through the choices we make.  We simply need to be what it is we want right here in each moment. From here, we create our future. You may be asking, “what in the world does ‘Joyful ViBRAYtions’ have to do with this?”

What we are offering to all of us through Joyful ViBRAYtions is a way to come together to create joy through fun,  play and relaxation.  We see fun and play as an imperative part of a thriving life. Joy is simply a state of mind that we choose, and we are choosing to be part of something that is uplifting to our whole selves. 

As Joyful ViBRAYtions, we do this through playing with music, increasing the levity in our lives, sharing the practice and benefits of a life of breathing well and generating life-enhancing vibrations from within, having fun moving our bodies, and overall enjoying  our health more fully. And yes, this also enhances the way we go about our responsibilities in life.

Simply said, we are connecting to our selves in a way that our light shines more vibrantly and together we create a brighter world.

 So let’s get together and play!

About Tammy and Jack

The Healing Power of Play

Jack and Tammy Bray are the husband and wife team co-creators of Joyful ViBRAYtions. After their combined fifty years in the social services field as Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol/Child and Family therapists, they are engaging in a new adventure to create, grow, and support new, and sometimes ancient, avenues for our individual and collective wellness. Wellness being an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Some of these new and ancient avenues we are inviting people to explore in our “Playshops for the Soul” have value that extends beyond the playshop time into every day life. Our experiences have shown us that our culture is in need of more purposeful levity, aka fun and play, to weave throughout our lives of responsibilities and commitments. This is motivating us to offer health and wellness programs that are playful and uplifting interactive experiences to businesses, organizations and other groups. Our background experiences equip us to create and tailor events specifically to the themes of your retreats, staff development sessions, team building events, gatherings etc.  In short, we believe in health for the fun of it!  So whether we are leading playshops, drum circles, Laughter Yoga, meditations, Humming for Health or playful music making, our intention is to do so in a safe community atmosphere of levity and fun while encouraging freedom of creativity and self expression.

Tammy’s experiences

M.S. in Counseling (and Education certification), 200 Hour Certified (Radiant Child and Family Yoga) Teacher (CYT200), Laughter Yoga University/International Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, "Healing Sounds Seminars" training with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Usui Reiki Master and certified Spiritual Guide, ...training in mindfulness, sound medicine with Chloe Goodchild and member of the Sound Healers' Association.

Jack’s experiences

M.S. in Counseling, Certified in Jim Donovan's Drum Circle Leadership, Laughter Yoga University/International Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, "Healing Sounds Seminars" training with Jonathan and Andi Goldman and certified in Divorce and Custody Mediation...training in mindfulness and member of the Sound Healers' Association.

...and we love to keep expanding our lived adventures and experiences!

The Healing Power of Fun and Play

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