"Health for the Fun of It"!

We offer uplifting experiences that bring people together for wellness and relaxation, and to remember our Spirit's enjoyment of fun and play.

About Us

Through our experiences thus far in this lifetime, we find ourselves yearning to continue increasing the presence of joy in our lives, and we recognize that yearn in others...

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What We Offer

We use Transformational DrummingMusic MakingLaughter Yoga, and Humming for Health as our primary tools to create wellness programs tailored to team building for the group/organization.

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Playshops for the Soul

Play has been something that has been of great value to all of us since we started “work” in our earliest school years...we need play time to balance out our days. 

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Opening up to laugh more and choose more joy in our lives is invaluable to all of us.

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Through playful interactive experiences...

We are encouraging and inspiring the creation of lighter, brighter communities. Each person can discover their own self-expression by playing, laughing, and relaxing in a safe, supportive environment.

We approach individual and group wellness from a relaxed, playful and lighter way of living.

ABC27 "Good Day PA" segments with Joyful ViBRAYtions

Our Values

  • Relationship(s) first - working together
  • We value unity with all and every part of nature
  • Celebrating the gift of life with everyone
  • Reciprocity (supporting one another)
  • Everyone and everything is to be treasured
  • Awareness of the value of Joy in living
  • Growing strong with each other
  • Offering a different kind of growth and expansion
  • Respect variety and uniqueness
  • Creating a world of joy, harmony, peace, and unity

Come Play With Us!

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